Probably because your video producer is not asking the right questions, in the right way.

It goes something like this: your company brass gets that deer in the headlights look when there’s a camera on them. The mouth goes dry. Everything they have in their heads goes right out the window. They might normally be quite eloquent in person, in a meeting for instance – but when that glass eye appears, whammo – they’re toast.

Common affliction. Some get this worse than others.

Never fear though. At AIRLEAF we pride ourselves on being able to get good – or even great – video interviews out of anyone, and I do mean anyone. 

How do we do it?

For one thing, we come armed with questions that are good. Questions carefully designed to get real, authentic answers out of the person in the hot seat.

Sometimes even the biggest hams in real life freeze up at the sight of a camera. We’ve got ways of dealing with that.

In fact, it’s not really an interview, it’s a conversation. Eventually, everyone settles down and forgets the camera. Sometimes the sun is going down by the time that happens… We’re patient. We can outlast anyone.

Last but not least, we only need a couple of really solid bits in the can and we can make it work. In the marketing videos that we often produce, your fearless leader only needs to be on camera for a brief while to establish him or herself. The rest is used for audio voiceover while other things are going on onscreen. Since it’s not synched with picture, the audio can be ‘frankenstined’ – chopped up, cleaned up, and even reassembled for best effect. This is great for removing the ums, the ahs, the hmms, and the out and out flubs and fluffs. And the gaps created when bringing in fresh towels and smelling salts!

It’s all good.

So, if your unwilling spokesmodel is prone to get the sweats on camera — simply turn on the AIRLEAF.

Richard Hawk

Producer at Airleaf Media

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