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AIRLEAF producers live to create, love to create.

Work with creative professionals who really care about telling your story with the full power it deserves. Reward yourself with quality, peace of mind, and tangible results in advancing your goal, your message or your bottom line.

Call us. We’ll have some ideas about how to get the job done for you. 


The first step is a simple conversation. We get to know each other and talk about your project. We want to get in touch not just with your end goal but with your working style and what is most important to you. We can usually give you some idea of cost from the outset. Then we prepare a project description and quotation.

The process of video production / filmmaking can be complex. Here are some of the steps and processes that we will engage in order to make your production all that it can be:

  • Concept
  • Storyboarding
  • Casting
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Set design
  • Interviewing
  • Camera work
  • Lens selection
  • Fame rate selection
  • Lighting
  • Audio recording
  • Transcoding
  • Post production
  • Editing
  • Sound synch
  • Color grading
  • Effects
  • Titles
  • Credits
  • Upload

Even the most streamlined of productions calls for many of these areas to be addressed. Look for an experienced filmmaker/videographer who knows the ropes and will make good decisions.

(By the way, we’ll use the terms ‘film’ and ‘filmmaking’ from time to time, as these words are still very much in parlance though it’s all digital now and technically, ‘video’ or ‘videography’.)


When the mastering of the technology is well in hand, that’s when the magic can happen. We focus on the extraordinary blend of art and science that is taking place. We look to take advantage of the many unforeseen opportunities which present themselves along the way to the finish line in any production. Often called serendipity, the principle is defined as ‘fortunate happenstance’ or ‘pleasant surprise’. This is a big part of the joy of what we do.


Videography/filmmaking for us is a creative process that we fit to your need.

Your business video, online digital media, commercial, or training video can be good – really good. Let’s make it so.

Ask about these things when looking for a producer or an entire team to make your idea a reality in video/film.

We look forward to talking with you.



Richard Hawk, Airleaf

Richard Hawk


Richard’s 30+ year background in communications ranges from producing-directing award winning commercials, photography, copywriting, scriptwriting, and creative services management. He hired a helicopter for his first commercial shoot. Today’s aircraft fit in the car.


Justin Hawk, Airleaf

Justin Hawk


 Justin has been a full time producer since earning a Film and New Media degree from San Diego State University.
He brings extensive experience in video production, post production & editing, software, effects, and project oversight to AIRLEAF. 



San Diego Videography Ryon

Ryon Ansaldo


A UCSD graduate, Ryon has enjoyed the San Diego and Los Angeles film and
multi-media industries since 1998.
He has also taught in the UCSD Digital Arts Program, guiding future generations of media and film students and artists on their creative path.


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